Long Island Bathroom Remodeling Tips for Your Plumbing

long island bathroom remodelingRemodeling your bathroom, or other areas where plumbing is involved, requires strategy and a lot of planning. Whereas most bathroom remodeling considerations are surface and design such as cabinets, flooring, or walls, there are also behind-the-scenes decisions you may have to make so that your renovation is complete. So the next time you launch your home improvement project, consider these Long Island bathroom remodeling tips below that will help make your experience a positive and lasting one.

Updating Your Plumbing for Bathroom Remodeling in Long Island

There’s no better time to upgrade your plumbing than during a major bathroom renovation in Long Island. If you live in an older room that was built prior to 1960, the changing out the old plumbing and installing newer plumbing may be necessary. Next to your AC System, the plumbing in your home is the most important system as it distributes both hot and cold water to every applicable room. So you need to depend on it for several years to come. Why not give your plumbing a fresh start since your remodeling your bathroom anyway?

The Right Plumbing For Your Long Island Bathroom Remodeling Project

With all the different types of plumbing available to you then it’s important to know what type of plumbing your home will require and where it will require it. For instance, the type of piping you may need for toilet may not be the same for your kitchen sink. Knowing what type of plumbing you’ll need in different locations of your home will insure that your system is dependable at all times. Piping can range anywhere from cast iron and plastic (PVC or ABS) to PEX (polythene), Galvanized steel or copper, which generally includes rigid copper or flexible copper.

Re-Routing Your System

One of the most costly and time consuming mistakes a homeowner can make is completely re-arrange their kitchen, bathroom or utility room without considering how it’s going to affect the plumbing system. So as you are redesigning where the cabinets are going to go or where the appliances will be installed make sure you include re-routing the pipes as well. Issues you will run into may include digging into the walls, going under the house, faucet installations, garbage disposals, and reconnecting water-utilizing appliances such as refrigerators and dishwashers. All this has to be taken into account when re-arranging you room. A reliable Long Island plumber will make this process go much easier, so be sure to consult with an expert before you launch your bathroom remodel.

Bathroom Faucets & Fixtures

Considering what types of bathroom fixtures and faucets you will want for your Long Island bathroom remodeling project comes down to two issues: style and functionality. If you are completely redoing your showers and tubs then it may be time to get new faucets that are going to look beautiful and operate well for the new setup. If you’re throwing out the old kitchen sink and installing a new one, then now is the time to take advantage of the new features and benefits of modern faucets and other fixtures. Make sure you invest in quality products that will last many years to come as fixtures and faucets are direct points of daily contact in your home and often undergo a lot of abuse from the family.

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