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Dependable Backflow Prevention Services

backflow prevention long islandBackflow prevention systems are specially designed pieces of equipment that make sure waste, chemicals and gases do not come out of the main sewer lines and back into your fresh water supply. Backflow preventers help guarantee that your entire building will have clean, fresh drinking water free of hazardous contaminants. The backflow prevention certified installers and inspectors at Intercity Plumbing & Heating can properly install and service your backflow prevention systems to ensure they operate at peak performance.

The Benefits of Backflow Prevention Services

In the world of plumbing and sanitation, backflow prevention devices are one of the most little-known pieces of equipment out there. In spite of this, backflow prevention plays a vital role in making sure that our drinking water remains clean and free of dangerous impurities, especially in large facilities like apartment buildings, restaurants and hotels. In fact, backflow tests are usually required by New York City municipal governments, and many businesses need to make sure that their backflow testing records are updated annually at the city service offices.

Backflow Prevention Q & A

Intercity Plumbing & Heating installs, repairs, and maintains all types of backflow prevention systems and devices, from common irrigation controllers to large scale commercial and industrial water purification process. Automated monitoring systems as well as traditional back flow prevention apparatus can be installed to your specification or by our custom design. When it comes to backflow prevention in Long Island (Nassau and Western Suffolk), Queens, and the surrounding areas, do not settle for the average plumber. Ensure water quality by using a plumbing services company you can trust and rely on year in and year out. Call Intercity Plumbing & Heating, your local backflow prevention testing, plumbing repair and backflow preventer installation experts.

Q: What are the differences between backflow prevention devices?

A: For most installations, DEP specifies approved airgap RPZ backflow preventers on main incoming water services) Yet there are many cases in which check valves and vacuum breakers are practical and acceptable.

Q: Must backflow prevention devices be provided on all incoming water services?

A: Yes, with few exceptions. However, a professional engineer is needed to determine which is the correct application for each service, i. e. domestic, sprinkler, combination domestic/fire protection, etc. The installation of the wrong device can prove quite costly.

Q: What, if any, are the variances allotted existing buildings?

A: Because of the complexity of the thousands of existing structures in New York City, the DEP recognizes the need to review installation requirements on a building-by-building basis.

To learn more about backflow prevention systems or to schedule an inspection for your property, contact your local plumber at Intercity Plumbing & Heating today. We'll be happy to answer any questions you have and ensure you get the quality service you need.

If you need a reliable plumber for backflow prevention in Long Island (Nassau and Western Suffolk), Queens, or the Surrounding Areas, please call (888) 858-4554 or complete our online request form.

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