Air Conditioning Repair In Suffolk County, NY

Many of the homes in a residential neighborhood in Suffolk County, NY contain central air conditioning systems with the main parts of the system located outside which need constant repair. These outside units that are part of the whole A/C system are the condenser and the compressor. The compressor is basically the motor while the condenser is the unit that contains all the parts that make up the outdoor unit.

This outdoor unit, the condenser, does all the hard work because it is located out in the heat and must work hard to cool down the house. This is why it’s the unit that needs the most repairs, especially the compressor. When you’re having problems with your air, it is one of the first places that need to be checked.

You’ll want to be sure that you take a look at the condenser when you think you need Suffolk County air conditioning repair services because your technician will want to know if the unit is even turning on. You’ll be able to see the fan blades on top turning if the unit turns on. If it doesn’t turn on at all, then there’s definitely a problem there.

The condenser unit is normally fastened to a concrete platform that is set up when the home is built or when a unit is first installed. It can also be wooden. Raising the unit off the ground and securely fastening them is important to prevent them from being moved or blown about in heavy winds. Since they aren’t very heavy, care needs to be taken to secure them well.

The outside unit is exposed to all sorts of weather conditions and yard debris, which means it’s important to keep them clear of vegetation, overhanging trees that drop dead limbs, and any other things that can damage the unit.

This is true of pets as well. Pets like puppies tend to chew, and they can and will at times chew on the condenser unit if they’re enclosed with the unit and have nothing else to teethe on. The fins of the condenser are especially susceptible to damage because they are flexible and delicate.

Debris can easily damage these fins as well. Any obstruction, including the bending of enough fins, will affect the air circulation of the unit. This stresses the motor and other parts, meaning you’ll not only have poor efficiency of the unit, but will be replacing parts more regularly.

Proper maintenance of the condenser also needs to take place regularly in order to keep it running efficiently. The cleaning and oiling of moving parts can add many years of life to your condenser, as well as all the inside unit parts. Even dust has an effect on how well your air conditioner works and how long it lasts.

With a maintenance plan, you can ensure your unit is working at it’s best. And since you’ll be using the central air unit all year round, you’ll want to be sure you have it checked out and tuned up at least a couple of times a year. Give the Suffolk County plumbing, heating and cooling professionals a call at the number below if you would like to learn more about how to keep your air conditioner running great all summer!

If you are looking for professional air conditioning repair services in the Floral Park or NYC areas, then please call 718-464-5313 or complete our online request form.

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