When Should You Have Your Heater Repaired?

long island boiler repairsWith temperatures plummeting and record breaking lows happening all over the country, you need to make certain that your heater is functioning in prime condition. Heating failure is a trouble that no one wants to deal with, but if you haven’t been conducting proper maintenance then this becomes increasingly likely to happen as your heater gets older. Emergency furnace and boiler repairs in Long Island are often expensive, and they always tend to happen during the worst possible times when your climate control system is put under the greatest amount of stress.

Instead of finding yourself shivering in the cold, you need to keep a close eye on your heating system and identify problems before they become more serious. Routine maintenance will be the best way to get the most out of your heater’s lifespan, so when a warning sign shows, you will need to call on a professional heating contractor in Long Island. Though these services will cost you, the expense is nothing when compared to having to conduct emergency heating repairs or end up replacing your entire heater.

  • Noise: A furnace doesn’t run quietly, but if it is producing excessive noise then there is likely a problem. Groaning and banging sounds are a sure sign that something is wrong and need to be addressed quickly or your system will fail.
  • Thermostat Trouble: If your thermostat doesn’t seem to make a difference no matter how high you crank it up, then your heater is likely not functioning properly, or it may not be large enough to keep up with the demands of your household.
  • Skyrocketing Bills: If your energy bills have been increasing than that may mean that your heater is struggling to keep up with your needs. This can also be due to poor insulation and other factors, but you should have your heater inspected regardless, to eliminate the possibility of system failure.
  • Burner Flame Color: A yellow flame is a bad sign and means that you have toxic carbon monoxide in your system. A heater’s flame should always be blue. If you notice this is not the case, see about conducting repairs immediately.
  • An Older Furnace: If your heater is over 20 years old, then you will likely have to replace it soon or end up conducting maintenance more frequently. Most furnaces begin to break down at around this point and require replacement, especially if they have had recent problems.
  • Recently Broke Down: recent repairs are another sign that you will want to conduct routine maintenance. If a furnace has failed once then it is likely to end up failing again and may need bi-yearly maintenance to keep it running.

Preventing the Need for Furnace & Boiler Repairs in Long Island

The best way to prevent your furnace or boiler from failing is paying attention to any signs that suggest that something might be amiss. In these cases its best to have your heating system examined by a professional heating contractor who will be able to determine what the trouble may be and offer an appropriate solution. Be sure to get furnace and boiler repairs in Long Island from someone you trust.

The Long Island heating contractors at Intercity Plumbing & Heating can easily meet those demands, and get you the service you need to remain comfortable during the winter.

If you are looking for a professional heating repair contractor in the Floral Park or NYC areas, then please call 718-464-5313 or complete our online request form.

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