Long Island Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning Tips

Backflow Prevention Devices & Their Importance

Backflow prevention Devices are some of the most important home maintenance tools that a homeowner or business owner must have. Backflow prevention Devices are devices that prevent the contamination of water supplies of a home or business which is caused by backflow. Water contamination can pose very serious health hazards for homeowners or business owners. […]

Water Heater Repair Tips For New York City Homeowners

Being knowledgeable about water heaters can come in handy the next time you suddenly find that there’s no hot water or if the temperature is not at your desired range anymore. Having your water system professionally serviced is ideal, especially if you’re no handyman, but if times of the element, knowing the basic things about […]

How “Green” is Your New York Hot Water?

No, we’re not talking about the color of your hot water – although green water could indicate a problem. We’re talking about how your water is heated and about how much water and energy you could be conserving by switching to a tankless water heater (instant water heater) by calling a New York plumber. Tankless […]

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