Clever Ideas to Keep Your Bathroom Plumbing in Tiptop Condition

clever-ideas-to-keep-your-bathroom-plumbing-in-tiptop-conditionAside from your kitchen, no other room in your home has as much plumbing going on as your bathroom. Typically, your sink, toilet, tub, and shower run without you giving it much thought.

Let’s be honest, most of us take our bathroom fixtures and appliances for granted until something goes wrong. What better way to show some appreciation than to seek advice from a reputable local plumber and start taking better care of your bathroom plumbing?

There are some ways that you can take better care of your plumbing and help prevent frequent repair needs. With the right ongoing maintenance, you can help eliminate the need for surprise plumbing repairs altogether.

Keep Everything Flowing

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist or even a professional plumber to take good care of your bathroom plumbing system. Follow these helpful tips, and you’ll be taking steps in the right direction:

  • Don’t use drain cleaners – The reason this is a hard pill to swallow is that most homeowners think they’re doing a good thing by treating their own clogged pipes with drain cleaner. Unfortunately, the harsh chemicals used in store-bought drain cleaners can do more harm than good. For slow-moving or blocked drains, let a professional resolve the issue for you. The results will be more effective, long-lasting, and won’t damage your plumbing in the process.
  • Keep trash out of the toilets – A common mistake homeowners make is thinking the toilet is a trash receptacle. Aside from toilet paper, there are no man-made products that belong in your toilet. Even facial tissues aren’t designed to be disposed of in your bathroom, plumbing, or septic system. Keep a trashcan in your bathroom and this will help prevent blockages in your toilet.
  • Replace & Maintain – For starters, if your plumbing is old, make it a point to update it. This investment will save you countless dollars in the future by avoiding ongoing plumbing repairs. Also, invest in regular maintenance. Drain cleaning and checking for minor leaks is a more cost-effective alternative to emergency repair or replacement service.
  • Find a Reliable Plumber – Calling a different plumbing company to work with each time you have a problem isn’t a proper maintenance plan. Take the time to find one established and reputable expert to call each time you need service. Locals here know the name to trust is Intercity Plumbing & Heating.

Make the smart call to us today, and get expert service from a Long Island plumber.

If you are looking for tips from a professional or plumber in Long Island, please call 718-464-5313 or complete our online request form.

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